Thursday, March 11, 2010


I printed this image using a historic printing processes called cyanotype. It is similar to many of the historic processes I use. It requires me to paint my chemistry on to the watercolor paper and then contact print it in the sunlight. I love this process because of the color; it is a rich, beautiful blue. The digital reproduction I made of my final piece didn't capture the color quite correctly, but it is close enough.
After I had printed with cyanotype, I then added, using glue, broken pieces of glass on top of my printed cyanotype.
The piece is about the continual cycle and quest for healing.


  1. How'd you do this picture? Did you first take your picture, then place glass on top and take another?

  2. Usually I post my process in making my art, but I wasn't sure what I wanted to say about this piece yet, so I hadn't written anything yet. But yes, the image you are looking at online is only a reproduction of my piece of art. My original is, of course, a one of a kind. It has glass layered on top of it. This picture is just to show people what I did.

  3. The first though I had when I saw this wonderful peace was "breaking barriers":-) Yes! when you're healing you're breaking barriers to acheive light and peace!
    great work:-)
    Big hug


  5. This 'piece' (no pun intended!) reminds me of how the parts of our selves and our lives come together--sometimes we experiences cracks or brakes, and then we replace and mend. This might have shown lighter than intended, but it makes for a nice 'glow' or 'brilliance'.