Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Experimenting With Plexiglass

This is an image of my husband, Devon Harbaugh. I was working on two projects when I made this piece. The first project, I was trying to figure out a good way to convey the concept of layers building upon itself. With the other project, I was playing with the idea of making a book out of plexiglass. I wanted it so that you could look through all the pages and see a final image, but that you could also flip through the pages as you would a book.
When all the pages were put together, I loved how it looked, but each individual piece was not strong enough to hold interests as you looked at them by themselves. I still need to explore that concept with a different approach and subject matter.
As far as the other project goes with building up layers, it wasn't quite the right look I was going for. I think this project looks more broken and pieced back together than individual layers built up to make a whole. I found a different way to resolve my layers piece, much different than how this turned out. But I think this approach has great potential for future concepts and projects. What is your critique and feeling about this picture?


  1. I really like the shadows from one layer to the next. I'm excited to see what else you come up with for this technique.

  2. I think I'd get much more out of it, since it's a 3d work of art, if I could see it and move around it... and as said, I like what the shadows do... there's some nice depth here. Good work!

  3. This piece gives me the thought/feeling that even though things might cloud our view or get in the way, we can still have someone there for us!

    Your description of the book you have in mind reminds me of a book the kids have about the human body's different systems--each page is a system (digestive, nervous, and even the muscles) and when the pages are all in place, it shows how they fit together. Mom's work has some small kids Discovery books that use see-through pages to 'look inside' whatever each book is about, but they only use one clear page over the top of a regular page.

  4. I would love to see those books. It could help give me some ideas of what it looks like and how would be a good way to go about accomplishing a see through book. I don't think I have ever seen a book make out of see through pages before. I will have to ask mom about discovery books you mentioned. Thanks.