Saturday, September 18, 2010


Last Spring when I made this project, I felt things were amiss in my life. I felt I was living a very lopsided life and wasn't practicing the self control and discipline I felt I needed to. I thought about that a lot, and I noticed the other people around me, and thought about our society as a whole and could see they were in a very similar predicament. I decided this was a little concerning and I need to say something about it. So this project was born. It is about the importance of staying balanced and grounded in life. This self control ultimately allows more freedom in the end.

I showed this piece at the end of last spring semester at my school. I hung it in the halls of the art building. I had a beautiful, long branch I hung my prints from. I wanted to emphasis the importance of a branch in a birds life. Sadly, the photo I have of the final presentation isn't as lovely as I would have hoped. The lighting in the building was terrible and it was hanging in a hall, so I didn't have enough room to back up to get the whole thing. But you can see the general overall idea. It took a long time to hang, but it was well worth it!

I printed the images on watercolor paper with the historic cyanotype printing processes.

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